Learner Handbook


On behalf of the staff at All About Training, we would like to welcome you.

To help you to understand the way our organisation works and to help you get the most from your studies, we are providing this Learner Handbook which we trust answers the questions you have about studying with us, if not, please feel free to ask our Administration staff or your trainer.

When enrolling with All About Training, you will be required to sign to confirm you have received and read this handbook. Please take the time to read the handbook, especially in relation to legislation that may impact on your studies. This learner handbook is also available from our office.

Our aim as a Registered Training Organisation is to deliver quality training across a range of selected industry areas in accordance with the National Training Packages and/or approved courses. All About Training recognises the different learning styles, needs and learning opportunities of learners and is committed to providing access to training by offering various study options and methods of training delivery.You will be kept informed of any changes to relevant legislation or All About Training policies. Any changes affecting your studies or learning environment will be notified to you.Please ensure you keep All About Training informed of any changes to your postal or email address.You can email your changed details to our Administration admin@allabouttraining.edu.au

All staff members are here to assist you and we encourage you to talk to us at any time to discuss any problems you may have. We trust that your time with All About Training is an enjoyable one and that the skills you learn here prove valuable in your chosen career.

You can download the Learner Handbook here

Cherie Willcox

Chief Executive Officer

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